If you stopped being the first person to reach out, what would happen?

If you stopped calling and texting or setting up dates what would happen?

If you were to stop fighting for them for a moment what would happen?

Simple: if you were to stop making an effort what would happen? If you stopped and matched your energy with theirs what would happen?

If they wanted to; they would have.
If they wanted to make you a priority; they would have
If they wanted to call you; they would have
If they wanted to commit to you; they would have

Stop believing in the potential of what they could be tomorrow and see them for the person they are today. Never fight for a tomorrow with someone who isn’t right for you today. Never find yourself in a relationship where the only thing that’s keeping you is the belief in tomorrow’s potential.

When in doubt; choose yourself.
When you’re unsure; choose yourself
When you feel you’re getting mixed signals; choose yourself
When your intuition is telling you something isn’t right; choose your fucking self.

There are 8 billion people in this world. There’s absolutely no reason to settle for someone who isn’t going to fight for you.

Be the person you want to date and love that person instead.

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