Double Standards. Pt. 1

What drives me crazy about men is they under estimate the value of the women in her inner circle. A good girlfriend is forever. Once you find one, you don’t ever let them go. Decades mean nothing because at the end of the your girlfriend will always be more loyal than any fucking man.

We can trust our girlfriends with our life; we can’t even trust men to be fucking honest.

That’s what they don’t fucking get. I don’t give a fuck if I haven’t seen my girlfriend in a decade, I’d still die for her if need be.

Loyalty doesn’t come with an expiration date. Loyalty is life.

We deserve men who will love us the way we love our girlfriends, We do not settle for less than that because we don’t settle for less than in our inner circle. We don’t associate with half ass women, so why do we choose to settle for half ass men? Why are we quick to cut women out of our circle for a slipped lapse of judgment but will justify our boyfriends degrading us? Why is it that so many of us are so quick to bash other women for behaviors that we actively encourage in half-ass men?

I mean, are we that fucking scared to be alone? Are we that anxious that we truly believe this half ass man is the best we can really do? The dude can’t even cook but we have the audacity to act like he’s a fucking chef. He can’t even boil water but we brag about him anyway.

Women need to start realizing their worth. It’s 2021 for fucks sake. We should be smarter than this by now.

We need to first stop thinking we even need a fucking man. I mean let’s be fucking honest here; I fuck myself better than any man I’ve ever met. Most were great, but I’m always better.

We no longer wonder if we deserve them but rather do they deserve us?

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