What really grinds my gears is when men will feed you spoonfuls of bullshit excuses of why they can’t date you such as:

Oh, I have a lot going on with work.”

if only you could move here we could be together.”

Or my personal favorite:

I’d rather see where this goes, but I’m down to sleep with you until i figure myself out.”

I smells an awful lot like a fucking cop out to me. Maybe I’m a fucking idiot because i dont know shit about dating but I believe if you truly care about someone, you’ll find a way to make it work because you feel your life is better with them in it.

And if you truly love someone and want them the way you say you do, you’ll fucking find a way to make it happen. People have moved to a whole country for the person they love and we’re settling for men who can’t handle dating a few states apart? Who can’t make time in their schedule for you? Who claim they care about you but when you call them out on their garbage excuses they want to call you crazy and “putting words in their mouth”? The only thing we’re stuffing down your throat is the taste of your own shit and guess what, it tastes awful.

That’s partly why I have to remind myself to not waste my time with men who don’t deserve me. They’ll joke that they’ll fly back to fuck me if needed but flying back to visit if we were in a relationship was too much for them.

That’s the moments I keep in mind. No matter how much you like someone, you have to make sure they deserve you. Not just your body, your cooking, or your fucking blow job skills but everything about you. If he’s not willing to make an effort to be with you, he isn’t the one sis. There are millions of people out there. There’s gotta be a good amount that will kill for the opportunity to treat you right.

So wait until you find someone who’s worth it. This has been something I’ve been struggling for awhile. I’m not fucking perfect. I’ve contemplated fucking my hot friend a time or five. I feel I don’t exactly miss sex, but I miss intimacy more.

I don’t want sex with someone. I want someone i can share a bubble bath with. I want someone who will sway my hips and make me laugh while we cook pancakes in our underwear at three in the morning because we can’t sleep. I want someone to kiss me because they were thinking of me even if it’s 100 times a day. I want someone who I can curl myself into and breathe them in after a long day. I don’t want just sex. I want love thats real. I want love that’s honest. That’s what I’m holding out for and I won’t settle for less.

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