I’m told I’m too harsh, or I’m too cut throat when it comes to dating. But if you value your time like I do, you have to be mindful with who you choose to invest your time on. This is also why I have set myself a certain level of standards for myself and for any potential partner. I don’t need anything from them that I can’t provide for myself. I’ve said, you’re not competing against any person. You’re competing against me and that’s not an easy challenge to stand up to.

Whenever I have doubt about a person’s intentions I use effective communication to gauge their respect towards me. If they show true concern for their behavior, I give them a chance. But if they refuse to stand down and work with me I’m quick to cut off my loss because I refuse to settle for half ass people.

With that said, maybe I’m not ready to date then. After all I have no interest sharing my valuable time with someone, and I don’t have the emotional availability to do so.

I have to remember I’m worth the effort, and I deserve more than the bare minimum that they give me.

No one hurts you by accident. If someone hurts you, they chose to on purpose.

Don’t be fucking pathetic.

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