Stop Settling for Fixer Uppers Who Aren’t Worth a Pretty Penny.

The dirty fucking truth about people is: it doesn’t matter how much you love them, care for them, or believe in them. If they don’t want to invest in themselves, and grow as an individual, nothing you do is going to fix them. They’re feral animals and even if you get them fixed, they’re still going to piss on your carpet and rip up your drapes. The best place for those kinds of animals is a nice shelter where they’ll find their forever home with someone else because it’s not going to be you.

You claim you prefer stability but you invest in women who will ruin your life. You would appreciate someone who is everything you want including successful and driven. You just so happen to keep falling for the opposite. Or you fall for people still recovering from something because for whatever reason you like to “fix people”. You can’t fix people who dont want to fix themselves. Investing yourself in someone’s potential is one of the most toxic traits you can have for yourself. It’s not attractive. Trust me, I would know I mean have you noticed my dating history lately? Fixer Upper Men across the board. Guess what? None of them stuck around longer than 4 months for a reason. 

I’m not going to waste my precious time speaking logic to your unreasonable mind when you don’t want to listen to what I have to say. Your brain is the one with the issue here because you keep getting emotionally attached to the wrong people. If thats the only toxic trait about you, then thats the emotionally draining as well as the most damaging trait about you. 

Toxic implies harmful to others. Toxic traits that are harmful to yourself are still toxic; it’s not a fucking personality trait. 

You can say your desire to try and help everyone isn’t really harmful to anyone. But it is because its harmful to you and your emotional well-being.

People will whine that they want a whole house with a strong foundation and stable walls, a house that’s beauty by itself, a home that’s not cheap but worth a pretty penny. They’ll keep settling for fixer uppers thats only going to cause you a headache and a lot of work you know damn well you don’t have the time to commit to. They’d rather invest in a house that’ll get destroyed by the first rainstorm than a house that can stand on its own.

You can’t say you’re a whole person who respects themselves when you keep digging in the dumpster for scraps of a person. You can’t say you’re looking for stability when you’re still scrolling tinder or fucking your ex. If you choose to roll around in garbage don’t be surprised when you start smelling like one. 

Change is going to fucking hurt you. If it was easy everyone would fucking do it. 

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  1. I love this. And you are a BAD ASS!!! Yasss queeen!! Your so awesome and your going to help and inspire so many. Xoxo

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