Waste of Time.

Tomorrow, I’ll hurt you with grace. Today, I feel like smothering you with a fucking pillow. I never want you to tell me you love me ever again. You’re a sorry excuse for a man.

You hurt me for the last time. You made me cry myself to sleep way too many times. The mere thought of seeing you makes me want to puke. You better hope karma finds you before I do because I don’t show mercy.

I may have moved on with myself and grew bigger from you but sometimes; Sometimes I’m fucking human and I get so fucking angry.

Angry at myself.

Angry at you.

Angry at the all those years I fucking wasted believing in a man who didn’t even believe in himself.

That at the end of the fucking day, you can’t even rely on a man to provide the bare minimum in a relationship. Who knew asking for better communication would send a man over the edge?

The most sickening realization I’ve learned is that no matter how much you love someone they would never love you the way you deserve because they don’t love themselves. And that’s the most tragic, pathetic dirty truth I’ve had to fucking swallow.

End fucking rant.

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