Anxiety is a bitch.

My anxiety has been sky high all day to the point I was vomiting on my way to work.

It’s more than “being nervous” or feeling a little worried”

It’s waking up crying every morning overthinking every worst case scenario in your head and your brain convincing you that no one loves you.

It’s having symptoms such as: hand tremors, nausea, vomiting, migraines, racing thoughts, accelerated heart rate, dry throat, stomach knots, blurred vision etc.

It’s feeling you’re never good enough.

It’s feeling like a fucking failure at every aspect of your life.

It’s laying awake at 3am crying because you’re hyper focused on a situation that happened today where you fucked up.

It’s feeling frozen in fear and you can’t move your body. Everything is like pins and needles and you can’t breathe. You’re just a sitting statue. And people just assume you’re being rude.

It’s questioning everything, assuming nothing and crying over every single day.

You feel like a constant bother, a burden, a stress, worthless.

I suffer from anxiety every fucking day of my life. It’s exhausting and drives me fucking insane. I lash out, I cry, I scream when I shouldn’t and I over think often. It’s okay to be fucked up.

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