I don’t want to be your fucking friend. I dont want to feel the obligation that I have to let you back in my life. Nothing good ever came from our relationship except regret, emotional abuse and the gray hairs I couldn’t afford to have.

I’m finally in a place mentally where I can drive by your house and not have a severe panic attack. I can stand tall and not cry wondering when I’m going to be yelled at again. (My current boyfriend wouldn’t dare)

I can leave my bed unmade and not even worry about the dishes for a few days. I can sleep at night without crying myself to sleep wondering why I was never fucking good enough for you.

I got tired of trying to mold myself to fit the perception of how you wanted me to be.

I don’t want to take you off my shit list. Out of all my lovers you deserve it the most. I take my anger over what you did to me at the gym three times a week and I’m still pissed.

Id wish you the best but you already had it.

I’m never unblocking you. I don’t want to be your fucking friend.

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