Insomnia Thoughts withRelationships

This is one piece of advice I needed to hear.

In my previous relationship it was pulling teeth to get any quality time with him. If I asked to spend time with him he’ll say “I saw you all week. You’re being controlling whenever I want to see my friends.” He would go above and beyond to make sure he spent time with his friends and I was supposed to accept the scraps of leftover attention he threw to me.

When my uncle died and I asked him to come home he tells me “I’m sorry your uncle died but I need to go out for me and destress.” Then proceeded to go out all night and come home the next day with coffee for himself.

Actions speak louder than words. After that I stopped giving a shit. And made plans to finally leave. I stopped caring. I was done.

My relationship now: I never have to beg for quality time. He just gives it to me. He took off work this past Sunday because i said to him I wanted a family day. He’s rearranged his schedule just to make sure he would be able to see Jacky and I. He rearranged his own schedule so he can make sure he’ll get Jacky from school on Fridays.

“An hour with you is better than none at all.”

He’s always had our best interest in mind and shows me everyday through his actions that he has plans for both of us not just whatever he wants to do. He shows me that we’re not only dating but we’re a family.

Like my friend Matt says, “There’s never a right time to date.” And he’s right. I drove 45 minutes to my best friends house at 10pm at night and professed my love for him. I had just broken up with my boyfriend, moved into my new apartment and I lost my twin a week later.

It wasn’t the “right” time and I said fuck it. I laid in his arms and whispered, “Choose me. Love me. Pick me.”

I’ll still have bad days and I’ll never be the same but I’m a lot happier because i know I made the right decision for Jacky and I.

When someone truly cares about you they will show it. Real love does exist. You don’t have to settle for less. I’m never making that mistake again.

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