Life Lessons.

Love is not all you need:

1. You need mutual respect 

2. You need support 

3. You need trust 

4. You need boundaries 

5. You need your partner to be there when it matters

6. You need space to grow & the acceptance when you do 

7. You need a partner to show their love in a way you can understand. 

Stop begging for the bare minimum of human decency. Be brave enough to chase the life you want & love the way you were meant to be loved.

Any guy that makes you ever feel like you’re not good enough isn’t good enough for you. Fuck any dude for ever making you rethink your worth.  If a man is incapable of showing you the love you deserve then he isn’t fucking worth it. 

Real love will treat you the way you deserve to be treated. Anything less than that is unacceptable. 

My son got tired of seeing me cry over you. And I can’t blame him because I cried for months. And how you treated me after my twin died was the final straw. I will never tolerate that fucking behavior ever again. 

I’d wish you the best but you already fucking had it. You caused so much emotional damage I don’t even know which piece to start repairing first. 

I have nothing nice to say to you. We don’t have kids together. I’ll keep your ass blocked. You won a lifetime subscription to my shit list 

Whenever I think I miss him, I have to remember all the bad moments (trust me there’s fucking plenty) to keep myself on the goal. I deserve a man who will be there by my side through the good the bad and the ugly. Not when it’s convenient for him.

I don’t want him back but I miss who he pretended to be. 

He didn’t care about you. He has never been there for you, he prioritized literally everything over you and your son, he wasn’t there for you when your uncle died, and he doesn’t respect you. 

He has never been a real support for you. You have so many other people who care about you and will be here. You don’t have to fall back to him for support.

You’re a good theatric but you can’t handle the actual work. 

I was better off never knowing you. The only thing you brought to my life was stress,  anxiety and gray hairs.

You made me feel small and unloveable because of who I am as a person with my mental illness. 

You made me feel I had to change myself to please you because my best was never enough and I had to do better. 

You made me believe you were different. You made me believe you loved me. 

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