Play Toys.

I’m not a person you can sample when

you get an urge to taste something 

besides your monotonous personality.

you can’t savor the flavor of me in your 

mouth just to fill your insatiable physical needs. 

I really fucking hate when people toy 

around with me like I’m an object to 

keep them fucking entertained. 

You can’t wind me up then toss 

me aside when you get bored of 

my fucking existence. 

People love to dip their toes in the

depths of my soul, 

just enough to savor 

the fucking moment taking 

cups of me along the way. 

They drink enough to quench their thirst, 

just to leave me dehydrated and 

empty wondering why the fuck am 

I ever not good enough.

I feed off emotional attachment so 

when they throw me away it hurts 

that much more because not only 

did they satisfy their own selfish needs, 

they take a piece of me in the process. 

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