Asking For a Friend.

Shoot me. Stop being a god damn pussy and

fucking pull the trigger already because the suspense of

when you’re going to fucking kill me is eating me

alive like a god damn monster.

I can’t breathe. I can’t fucking

breathe and it feels so fucking good. I’m clawing at

my throat because I can’t eat a single breath of

air in my pathetic, dying lungs. It’s fucking

orgasmic, if you’re into sick shit like that.

Stop wasting time trying to save me. Stop looking at

me in the god damn face and telling me that

people actually give a flying fuck about me because

you and I both know that’s a fucking lie. The only

thing people love more than lying to my god damn

face is stabbing me 100 times in the fucking stomach,

laughing while I bleed out all over the fucking floor.

Fuck me right? Fuck me and my worthless fucking existence right?

The joke’s on me and I just sit here not realizing I’m the fucking joke.

I’m the worthless piece of

shit everyone sneers at, the loser that

everyone loves to shit on,

the dog shit of a person everyone

loves to hate. At least they do it to my face.

How fucking considerate. How fucking considerate.

Do you ever feel like your life is one pathetic joke,

one after another until you can’t tell which way is up

or down, who’s laughing at you or with you, then

you realize you’re not fucking laughing.





Do you ever sit in the corner rocking back and

forth, with this fucking twisted grin glued to your

face because the only thing you want to do

more than anything is to jump off the fucking roof

and see how it’ll feel to fly to your god damn death?

The feeling of your skull cracking on the cold

cement, because you realized you’re a failure

like everyone knew you were?

Do you ever have to tie yourself down because

you have this fucking urge to claw your eyes out until

your face is bleeding all over the fucking carpet?

Do you ever feel like your life is worthless, because you

know deep down you’re worthless, because you know deep

down it’s true and everyone knows it, and everyone laughs

at you because you know you’re better off dead?

Asking for a friend.

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