Welcome to the Shitshow. Hope You Brought Wine.

The Dirty Truth About Mental Health, Abuse, & Finding the Sun After the Storm

Damn Danny!

Freelance Writer/ Mental Health Advocate/ Certified Bad Ass

Let’s cut the crap & get straight to the point.

I’m a single mom who writes pieces on a variety of topics from fucked up relationships, mental illness, figuring life out and abuse. I keep the truth dirty because no one likes to be sugar coated in garbage. Life isn’t about happy endings. Life is about finding the sun after the storm.

I’m not a professional. I didn’t spend years in college with a major. I’ve been writing as a hobby for my entire life and I decided to focus my work into something bigger than myself. What started as a small blog on Tumblr has blossomed into a huge passion project.

Life is all about growth. One of my favorite mottos that I’ve taken to heart is:

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

– Eleanor Roosevelt

For your discretion: if you’re looking for a happy ending; don’t fucking look here. My posts are not for the weak. I keep it honest, raw and in your face. I don’t show mercy and if you have a weak stomach don’t bother reading further.

Follow at your own risk.

All my writing pieces can be found under the page:

It’s OK To Be Fucked Up”